How to Be Frugal Saving Money While Not Eating Out

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I think you can probably agree that when working toward living a frugal lifestyle, you can save a tremendous amount of money by not eating out. Although we can agree about this in theory, it can be something that is really hard to put into practice when the days get long, countless things go wrong, and we have a bunch of hungry troops who are whining and crying. We all know that when these thing happen, it can be really hard to not just throw dinner out the window by eating out.

Since we don’t need to spend much time proving the case that not eating out is the frugal choice, we are going to take the time to address some ways that we can still serve our family dinner when life seems to blow up in our face.

If you are wondering about how to be frugal, saving money while not eating is essential. Here are five things you can do to increase the likelihood that you will not be eating out tonight.

Meal plan

I have written about the many advantages of meal planning in posts like Why I Heart Menu Planning, This One Thing Saved My Sanity, and 10 Reasons Why You Want a Meal Plan. Within these posts, I take on the many reasons why meal planning is advantageous including that creating a simple meal plan decreases your chances of eating out.

Life gets in the way of things at times, but when you have a plan, these little, or big, hiccups in your day don’t have to completely derail you.

If meal planning overwhelms you, I even have help for you there, too, as I took my meal planning process, which starts with doing a quick inventory of what you already have on hand to work with, and then broke it down step by step in Menu Planning 101 Part One and Menu Planning 101 Part Two. Those two posts take the overwhelming feeling that can often accompany meal planning and gets rid of it altogether.

The truth is if you are wondering more about how to be frugal, not eating out is key. A meal plan is one of the solutions you need to accomplish this.

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