8 Things to Pack for a Frugal Vacation

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While the price of a spring break or summer getaway can vary drastically based on where you go and what you do, most parents are keenly aware that spring travel — especially during a school vacation week — isn’t usually cheap.

According to travel site FareCompare.com, certain days of the week – most notably, weekends – command much higher prices for airfare than others. If you plan to fly Saturday-to-Saturday, for example, start mentally preparing yourself to pay quite a bit more. Plus, nonstop flights and flights to certain high-demand destinations will cost more in 2016. So, if you want to go where all the “cool kids” are going, you might pay considerably more as well.

Not flying? If that’s the case, your travel budget will mostly depend on the destination of your choosing, what type of hotel or lodging you go for, and the type of activities or excursions you decide to splurge on.

Depending on your travel goals and how deeply you dig to find discounts, the final price tag on your trip could add up to something very manageable — or quite a lot.

Eight Items to Pack for a Frugal Vacation

Still, the amount of money you’ll spend along the way can be whittled down if you know what to pack. Whether you’re flying or driving, staying in a condo or hotel, or simply visiting family for a weekend, filling your bag with some key items will help you save money on any trip you take – no matter what.

Before you leave town, here are some items you should plan to bring along:

1. Snacks

Whether you’re driving or flying, you’ll want snacks to consume along the way. And if you have kids, snacks are an absolute must if you want to avoid picking up pricey processed junk food at the airport or stopping at gas stations or convenience stores. Most of the time, both will be stocked with mostly expensive and often unhealthy foods. By planning ahead, on the other hand, you get to decide what your kids will eat.

While you can’t bring liquids from home on an airplane, you can fill up a reusable water bottle once you’re beyond airport security, and you can pack your own snacks in your carry-on bag or purse.

When it comes to my family (and many families I’ve seen), most lean towards snacks that aren’t messy and travel well – things like granola bars, Ziploc bags with a favorite cereal, graham crackers, mixed nuts, and dried fruit.

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