8 Fun Steps to Becoming a Frugal Family without the Headache

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Have you noticed that being frugal sounds like a good idea, but when you have a family it is more of a headache than anything?

Oh, believe me, I’m there with you. I’ll do all of this research and come up with some great ways to save money only to be met by whiney voices that want to know why I’m turning life upside down because it is interfering with their life/plans.

Yep, that’s my crew. I love them, but they lack team spirit sometimes when I’m trying to get our family on a better financial path.

But instead of fighting them tooth and nail and dragging them behind me on my frugal journey with their heels digging deeper into the dirt, I’ve learned that there are a few things that can be done to make the frugal lifestyle a group effort rather than a single effort.

A Frugal Family – How Can It Be Done?

Here are my thoughts:

1. Have a Plan

First things first, you must have a plan. If you begin doing random things to save money with no rhyme, reason, or consistency, then your family is going to look at you like you’ve lost your mind again instead of being the organized money saving machine that you think you are becoming.

So make sure that before you do anything, you get your thoughts and actions together and on paper. Then know how you are going to implement those thoughts and actions into a lifestyle.

2. Have a Chat

Next, you need to take the bull by the horns. This part is not going to sound very loving, but it must be done. You need to sit the family down and explain what you are doing and why. Hear out their moans and cries of concerns about their life as they know it, because they will probably swear it is ending.

But then you have to meet those same cries and moans with a matter-of-fact attitude. For instance, when I announced that I was considering giving up regular Wifi for a hot spot just to power my laptop, so I could save $100 per month, but still have a way to work, I was met with quite a bit of hostility.

However, when I explained the goal and that (as parents) my husband and I were the ones paying the bill so this is what we needed to do, they suddenly got quiet. I think they were afraid I was going to suggest that they pay for their own wants, so they didn’t push the envelope very far with that conversation. Funny how working teenagers have no problem spending your money, but when it comes to their money they won’t spend it on anything!Yep, that’s the season of raising kids I’m in currently.

So basically, you need to share your goals with your family. Let them know why you are making sacrifices, ask for their support, and then stick to your guns. When they see you are serious about this, tunes will begin to change. At least in my experience, they have.

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