6 Genius Stockpile Secrets That Every Frugal Person Should Know

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Before you start building your stockpile, you should read these stockpile secrets. These secrets are from my own experience building my personal stockpile and research. I have broken this article down into 6 secrets that will help you with any stage you are at with your stockpile.

I have had my stockpile for over 4 years now! The number one thing to always remember about a stockpile is it is not used as a collection. Minimalist would agree with me that collections cost people money and take up valuable space. Stockpiles are supposed to act as a money saver rather than a money waster. You need to be smart and plan out your stockpile to help you in a crunch.

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Stockpile Secrets 1: Coupons

When people see my stockpile they are surprised I have one and ask why? My answer is why not? I have not paid full price for any type of beauty or cleaning product since I started stockpiling four years ago.

The way I built my stockpile was by couponing and it’s very simple. Cut, print, or download your coupon, find a deal where the item is on sale, and see if you can match any other deals with it.

Stores like Target or CVS have additional savings on the same item and can bring the price down even lower. I am lucky to have a grocery store near me that will double any coupon under $.99 or less. This is amazing for coupons that have $.75 off one product because I can get it doubled for $1.50 off! Incredible savings that add up quickly.

I am no means an extreme couponer! I am smart with the way I use coupons. Coupons should never make you buy something you do not need. As we adapt to more of a minimalist lifestyle, I do not even bother with my time to cut out coupons I will not use. Even if I could get them for free or make money off of those products, they will just take up space and go unused.

Use coupons to cut down the price of everyday household items that you use FREQUENTLY.

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