3 Surprising Ways You Spend More As A Penny Pincher

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When I head out shopping, one of the first places I head to is the clearance/markdown section. When I found a pair of great jeans on the clearance rack, I started calculating the cost after my coupons. I won’t lie…there was a rush of excitement when I realized that I would get the pair of jeans marked at $92 for under $15. (Not that I would have ever considered paying $92 for them). But I got lost in the thrill of the awesome deal and missed out out one tiny, but very important detail.

Trying to save money can actually end up costing you more money!

How can this be? How can we be frugal and end up spending more?

We buy things because they are a deal.

With the thrill of scoring a great deal, we lose track of what we really need.

Have you ever walked out of a store with something you didn’t intend on buying when you had walked into the store? (Target is my trouble spot!)

And you grabbed it because it was on sale? It’s funny how we justify a purchase to ourselves because it was on sale.

The sales price triggers something in our brains that makes us think we need it. And we need it now.

The reality is that the pair of jeans will still be there tomorrow. Or at very least, another pair will be.

Challenge: Next time you are urged to buy something because it is on sale, take a step back. Wait a day or two. Chances are that once the excitement wears off, you’ll find you didn’t really need it.

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