3 Simple Ways to Start Living a More Frugal Life Right Away

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For a lot of people, the thought of living on a budget or trying to be more frugal can feel overwhelming. There’s a good chance you already feel stretched thin by the demands of your job and your kids and your commitments… and you want to figure out how to live on less and get a better handle on your finances, but you just wish someone would give you some easy tips and tricks to get started.

Well, you’re in the right place, because today I’m going to give you three simple ways to start living a more frugal life right away. These ideas don’t require any extra training or special skills to implement — and they probably won’t take you any additional time!

1. Drink More Water

You all know I’m a big fan of water. It is not only FREE, but it’s also so good for you.

Instead of ordering a drink when you’re out at a restaurant, order water. This simple switch will mean that you stay more hydrated and experience the benefits of drinking more water, but it also means you’ll save quite a bit of money.

And if you can get in the habit of drinking water instead of soda or fancy coffee or other beverages most of the time, this one tip could save you a few hundred dollars (or more!) per year!

2. Shop Markdowns & Clearance Racks

When you’re at the grocery store, take a few minutes to check for reduced produce, meat, bread, and dairy. (Not all grocery stores offer this, but many do and you can find some incredible deals on staple items this way!)

When you’re out shopping for clothes or other items, always check the clearance racks first. I’ve learned to scan the store when I first walk in to find the sale racks. In most cases, that’s all I ever look at!

By buying the bulk of our purchases on sale or clearance, we’ve saved thousands of dollars over the years!

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