25 money saving tips for living on one income

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Saving money is like giving yourself a raise, without the added responsibility and stress that comes with a promotion or the time investment of starting a side hustle.


If you can take back $500 a month (or more) in expenses, that’s an amazing investment you can put towards paying off debt, funding your maternity leave, saving for a house deposit or for retirement.

No matter what your reason, one of the first things you’ll want to do is take a long hard look at your expenses and see which can be cut.

This mega-list will give you some ideas you might not have thought of!


For those things you really must buy… What’s not to like about getting cash back when you shop? Nothing!

Here are some of the main online cash back providers:

  • Ebates
  • Ibotta
  • Cashrewards (for Australians)
  • Saving Star

I’m all about making small gains – they add up over time and they usually feel doable. Even a 2-3% cashback rate is better than nothing – that can add up to 100’s if not 1000’s over the course of a year!

Here’s a cool idea:

See if you can buy gift cards for your grocery shop at a discount through a site like Cashrewards. If you can get gift cards for 5% off, you can use them in store for an instant saving!

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