12 Shocking Frugal Hacks (You Won’t Believe #2)

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Are you looking for that one weird trick to catapult you to epic frugality and an early retirement epiphany? Do you want to know the super secret tactics Mr. Frugalwoods, Frugal Hound, and I employ to attain our sky-high 71% savings rate? Have you been prowling the internet for “hot frugal tips”? I know I have. Look no further because today, I’m revealing all.

The Frugalwoods’ 12 Shocking Frugal Hacks

1) Don’t spend money.

I could pretty much end the post right here, but then I’d feel badly that you took the time to click over and start reading… Plus I have a lot of Frugal Hound photos I need to squeeze in today.

I see folks getting more frantic than a greyhound in a squirrel sanctuary over coupons, sales, deals, and bizarre money-saving schemes. But the truth is, a genuine frugal weirdo doesn’t need any of that, because we just don’t buy it. Whatever it is, we’re probably not buying it. This might sound like a gimmick in and of itself, and you can feel free to treat it that way if it helps you. Try this out: “Oh yeah, I’m in the Frugalwoods-No-Buy program. It’s pretty intense.” All’s you have to do is, wait for it, resist the urge to buy stuff.

Every month, Mr. Frugalwoods and I go to the grocery store, Costco, and occasionally Home Depot and Amazon.com. Full stop. While it’s totally possible to impulse shop at the grocery store (ahem, pregnancy cravings, ahem), it’s far less tempting than say, I don’t know, a store that sells clothes or gadgets. When in doubt, don’t buy it.

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