10 frugal living tips to try now to save money

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2. Packed Lunches for Work

Spending money on pre-packaged sandwiches, drinks, coffee all adds up.  I am now buying salad and vegetables in the reduced section of the supermarket and either making soup that can be put in the freezer or making salads for work.  This is my top frugal tip for saving money.  Each week I spend on average about £2 on lunches for the week.  That can go down to as low as 50p if I manage to get vegetables to make soup for the week!

3. Switch Utility Services

You can save hundreds just by switching your electricity, gas and broadband providers.  I know it can take a few hours to research everything and get it switched but this time is definitely worth it and will save you money in the long run.

4. Shop Out Of Season

This is a no-brainer to me.  If you need winter boots, buy them in the summer when winter stock has been reduced.  Same goes for summer items, buy them in the winter when shops are having a clear out to make way for new stock.  This is counter intuitive but well worth it.  With a little planning you can knock hundreds off clothing and footwear.

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