10 frugal living tips to try now to save money

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I’m forever trying my best to be frugal so it made sense to write this blog post all about the ways I am frugal living.  These frugal living tips are just a guide and I hope they help you to save money.

My idea behind frugal living isn’t to be frugal for the sake of it.  It’s about living a smarter life by paying less for things and putting that money towards things that I really want.  These 20 frugal living tips are super easy and may seem like common sense.  However, they are more about changing your spending habits and making that new habit stick.  They can make a huge difference too so you can free up your cash to use it for whatever you want.

1. Meal Plan

Meal Planning is one of the ways that you can save a lot of money.  Of course it will take you a little longer when you start out but once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature.  After all frugal living is about doing the things that save you money.  You can head over to my blog post on Hacks to Save Money on Groceries to find out the ins and outs of money saving on groceries.

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