10 Frugal Lifestyle YouTube Channels Worth Following

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YouTube is currently the second largest search engine worldwide, ranked just below Google. It may be best known for cute cat videos and embarrassing viral bloopers, but if you’re looking for information on practically any subject, it’s safe to assume there’s a channel for it.

The trick with YouTube is finding worthwhile content. If you search “cheap makeup,” you’ll end up with 616,000 videos, which may or may not be what you’re looking for. One thing I’ve learned is that when you’re looking for information on a general topic, such as frugal lifestyle, it’s helpful to search by channel. You can then narrow down your options by diving deeper into the channels with the most followers or the niche subject you’re most interested in.

After a lot of YouTube searching, I discovered the following lifestyle-focused YouTube channels that should be on every frugal person’s subscribe list. Some of them are “how to” style channels, while others chronicle their own adventures for living a low-cost life.

Best Frugal Lifestyle Channels on YouTube

1. The Frugal Chef

Food pretty much tops my list of things I love, but eating healthy can cost a lot if you’re not careful. The Frugal Chef is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping you eat well without going broke. The channel is filled with cooking tips and easy recipes from Mary Ann, who teaches you to cook at home, with playlists for healthy meals, quick and easy recipes, and gluten-free cooking. There’s even a series of Spanish-language videos for non-English speakers.

I like to fancy myself a decent cook, but I’ll admit I make things up as I go. I really enjoyed watching the videos with tips for cooking quinoa like pasta and roasting garlic – two things I’d never tried before.

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